Canada Part 4 – The Hostel

Needing a break after my road trip I checked into The Wicked Hostel in Calgary. Delusional at the time, I thought “I should find myself a job” Calgary isn’t too far from the Canadian Rockies and on the surface it looks like a good city to set up base camp. It’s not! Calgary despite being […]

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It rained today.

President Trump. I never thought I’d write that. But there it is. President Trump. It’s a statement, I’ll give you that. I mean I’m not an American, why do I care? This shouldn’t affect me. But it does. It affects everyone. Last year, love won. This year, hate is winning. About 2 years ago I […]

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Ingredients confuse me!

Since I’ve become a vegetarian, I’ve been carefully assessing the backs of packets to hunt down the little “suitable for vegetarians” disclaimer. I’ll skim over the frustration I have that they don’t make these things easier for me and my vegi-mates – I suppose we’ll have to carry on wishing for standardised packaging. Anyhow, more often than not, I […]

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