Ingredients confuse me!

Since I’ve become a vegetarian, I’ve been carefully assessing the backs of packets to hunt down the little “suitable for vegetarians” disclaimer. I’ll skim over the frustration I have that they don’t make these things easier for me and my vegi-mates – I suppose we’ll have to carry on wishing for standardised packaging. Anyhow, more often than not, I […]

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Making things grow…

In the Macknade Café we have some rather interesting herbs: pineapple scented sage, strawberry mint and lemon verbena are just a few. To say my fellow colleagues have a bit of a problem keeping them alive is an understatement. After a 2 week vacation I came back to 11 dead plants. I was devastated. 3 […]

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Could you eat a reindeer?

Recently, I received an email from my employers in Lapland asking me about my dietary requirements while I’m away. I decided that I simply can’t claim to be a vegetarian if I have every plan to eat reindeer for the entire month of December. So today I took a big step and a giant leap […]

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Roasted Romano Peppers

So I’ve been chowing down on some good ol’ peanut butter sandwiches for lunch recently. They’re quick, easy and vegetarian. But since I’m now trying to do this whole thing properly, I thought… Let’s get fancy! So, I bought an “Easy Vegetarian” cookbook, stupidly thinking… This should be easy! On my work break I headed […]

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