Sunday 07

Girls wear a lot of makeup. Today’s makeup techniques are so far advanced I’m surprised anyone really knows what another person looks like. People say it’s an armour, it’s their ability to face the day and conquer it. I don’t understand that. When I put makeup on, I am merely doing it because I think […]

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Saturday 06

I’m what you would consider stubborn. I most likely inherited it from my father. Stubbornness is often viewed as a bad trait. However, I’m always one to turn a negative into a positive. Why use the word stubborn when you could use: determined, resilient, strong minded. Okay, so when it comes to the flavour of Pringles, […]

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Friday 05

The higher the sun ariseth, the less shadow doth he cast; even so the greater is the goodness, the less doth it covet praise; yet cannot avoid its rewards in honours. Lao Tzu

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Thursday 04

Today I’m craving peace of mind. Recently, something bad happened to me. Someone I really cared about hurt me. He hurt me emotionally, he hurt me mentally and he hurt me physically. Today, I chose to not let him hurt me anymore. Today I chose me.

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Wednesday 03

I currently work in a café. It’s not a glamorous job and it hasn’t taken me to new and distant lands but I do get to be around a few of the things I love most. Good food and even better coffee. Taking interim jobs between adventures can be a little humdrum for me. Getting […]

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Tuesday 02

The last few weeks I’ve done a lot of thinking. It was unfortunate that the most profound thoughts I had went unsaid. Alas, I believe that the best advice we give ourselves is that which we do not need to verbalise to others. Holding onto the pain and anger of a situation was only continuing […]

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