Canada Part 6 – The End of the Road

As my journey hurtled towards it’s final stop, Vancouver, I begun to reflect on my Canadian adventure. It’s not often that we get to be truly alone to collect our thoughts, but there I was, stood in a city surrounded by thousands of people and that’s where it hit me. I was for the first time on this journey alone. And free. Free to just be me.

It was there in my loneliness that it struck me. I don’t belong in a city. I was no longer drawn to the delights it had to offer, the glittering lights, the bustling bars, they all seemed so distant to me. Like they were part of a memory. Instead I found myself drawn to nature. I headed to Stanley Park where I walked among the trees and around the water’s edge. I took the friendliest bus service to Lynn Canyon where I felt the air from the waterfalls spray on my face. I sat on the beaches and buried my toes in the sand and I revelled in watching the house boats bobbing with the tide as I ate cake at Granville Island. The simplest of things had become my most treasured moments. But I hadn’t realised that about myself until I was stood there, with no-one else to answer to, with no-one else to please and made decisions about what makes me happy.

Vancouver is boundless in what it can offer you. It’s the joy of a city sitting in the middle of natural beauty. It’s easy to see why people so often find out who they really are here. I headed home with mixed emotions, sad to be leaving, excited to say hello, but knowing I’d be back in time for the winter because…

the mountains are calling, and I must go – John Muir




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