Canada Part 4 – The Hostel

Needing a break after my road trip I checked into The Wicked Hostel in Calgary. Delusional at the time, I thought “I should find myself a job” Calgary isn’t too far from the Canadian Rockies and on the surface it looks like a good city to set up base camp.

It’s not!

Calgary despite being so close to some of the most beautiful places in Canada, is actually quite a dive. I don’t want to admit it, cause I don’t want to admit I was wrong, but I’m actually kinda glad I didn’t find work in my 3 day struggle to find a job.

I tried hard, can you tell.

Luckily for me, after those dark 3 days, I found myself making friends and pulling a much better plan out of my imagination. Basically, it boiled down to this, after my first road trip hadn’t been the all American dream I was hoping for, I’d started to question if I was cut out for this travelling malarkey at all. Finding some cool people to hang out with and bounce ideas off of really helped me remember that I am a) not boring and b) totally capable of doing this.

So I started planning a road trip.

I know what you’re thinking, another road trip, after the last one, are you sure? This time though it will be fuelled by friendship and laughter from the lovely Megan. Megan has without a doubt been the most chilled character I’ve met on my Canadian adventure. This is mostly due to the fact that she has laughed right along side me with the misfortunes of winding up in Calgary; also partly because she’s supposed to be job hunting, finding an apartment, getting a bank account, a social security number and all the other jazz that goes with immigration and has indeed decided to go on a jolly and put that off for another week. Or so.

What are these misfortunes, I hear you ask?

It all began with a homeless man in McDonalds and generally escalated up to the biggest misfortune of all, a nightmare roomie. Her name was Shannon, we know because she said it so many times on the phone, I ended up being able to track her down on Facebook. Shannon was a hypochondriac, who liked to make private calls in the hostel room on loudspeaker and loudly declare that she couldn’t speak freely despite having more private places to go. Unfortunately, this was the least annoying thing Shannon did.

Excuse me miss…

She called out, possibly a hundred times, maybe more. I’ve lost count. Shannon was too hot. Shannon was too cold. Shannon thought the light was too bright. Shannon wanted the light left on. Shannon gave us permission to leave the light on while she went for a shower. Shannon needed her phone plugged in. Shannon needed her laptop passed to her. Shannon needed plastic bags for her feet. She needed a towel in the middle of the night. Shannon needed to know where the mall was and if it was open until 10pm. Shannon needed a tin opener. And a fork – from downstairs no less. Shannon basically held us hostage, hiding in the corner of our bunks for fear of any more requests. Rachelle never answered Shannon’s calls. She knew. Gilbert at the post office, hung up on her. He knew. And no-one could find her camera. The list goes on and all I could damn well think was…

Bitch, book a hotel!

When she finally left, everyone in our dorm was thoroughly relieved. The hostel even gave us a half price meal. Little did we know we may have had the worst of it, but everyone had been caught out by one of her demands at some point during her short stay. Over dinner we all laughed and decided to head to our first NHL game, the Calgary Flames vs. the NY Islanders. A whole lot of chanting later, a failed attempt at face tattoos and absolutely no idea what the rules were, we found ourselves buying some discounted shirts and declaring ourselves Flames fans forever. They did win after all and we all have another story to write home about. Just remember that no matter what the road throws at you, keep laughing at it.


Co-written by Megan - without whom I would still be stuck in Calgary trying to find a job, wishing I was in Australia.

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