It rained today.

President Trump. I never thought I’d write that. But there it is. President Trump. It’s a statement, I’ll give you that. I mean I’m not an American, why do I care? This shouldn’t affect me. But it does. It affects everyone. Last year, love won. This year, hate is winning.

About 2 years ago I spoke of my disillusionment with the UK Government in a post regarding my vote and once again I find myself contemplating the notion of democracy! Obviously, in terms of the race for the American Presidency, my opinion doesn’t count for shit. I’m British. I’ve got no say on the matter. Equally however, my own Green Party vote didn’t count for shit in Britain either. For example, if you break it down to number of votes per party versus total seats in the House of Commons, you’ve got one Green seat being worth over 1 million votes, whilst a single Conservative seat is about 30,000 votes. Is that fair?

As children, we’re taught to share, we’re taught to be kind and we’re taught fairness. I used to believe that was the basis of democracy. Fairness. Everyone debating, compromising, acting accordingly to find mutually beneficial middle grounds. I’ll give a little here, I’ll take a little there. That’s fair. But that’s not modern day democracy. Today, 47.5% of Americans voted for Trump. 47.7% voted for Clinton. I’m no mathematician, but that resulting in a Trump win seems illogical. I guess that’s modern day democracy for ya!

I’m clearly not the only one not getting it. If I’d already started questioning the system 2 years ago, is it any wonder we’re ending up with a business man and not a politician in the White House! It’s as if we’ve started yelling “Yo, politics, the man, the system – up yours”. But are we all shooting ourselves in the foot to prove that we can make a change? Yes, our governing bodies need a shake up, is reverting back to older days the way to reach a greater future? Politics has always been corrupt, we’re just more aware of it now. It won’t get better the more rich white men you throw at it. We tried that. It didn’t work. We changed it.

So, how have both Britain and America, in the last year, voted for something that at it’s grass roots is coming off as a bit fascist, racist and anti-feminist? I can’t imagine that the electorate has been brainwashed by fear mongering. Campaigns preaching fear of the other, promoting our own sense of entitlement based on our nationalities. Nobody votes for that alone and I certainly don’t think the majority of the population are actively voting for racism or sexism. That just sounds stupid. Because that would be stupid. But this is the very topic that is dividing us so dramatically. You want reform for business. Great. Lower taxes? Fine. Better trade deals? Go for it. Guns? National Health Service? Tick, tick. I will accept that our opinions differ and I will not chastise you for it. BUT. RACE. SEX. GENDER. RELIGION. It is upsetting, that these essentially human things are not being put first. That anyone can be prepared to listen to or brush the hate under the carpet in order to push another agenda. The money agenda.

That’s the truth, in the light of a recession, or in fact any downfall, there is a need to blame. And there they are, politicians and big business men, blaming someone else, in this case immigrants, for their own fuck ups. Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/2008, people are working harder for what is simply less than they want. The people taking benefits, have less money, the system isn’t working for them. The people paying taxes, have less money, the system isn’t working for them. However. Politicians can not. Business men will not. Accept. Fault. We did this. Sorry. Screwed up. Scape goat? Too many immigrants! Yea, that’s it. Not bad decision making. We still know what we’re doing. Instead they spit hate. They blame the other. Some of us are disgusted by it. Most of us are ignorant to it. Few believe it. Even fewer agree. But it’s there. Calling it, is part of not accepting it. It’s us trying to hold onto the progress that has been made against hate. It’s the losing half of the electorate saying, take anything else. Just make it fair for all.

Yes, some big decisions have been made this year, but they don’t need to mean the end of the world. It was once said that the sun brings life and so does the rain. You’ll definitely need both for growth. We have our rain, now it’s time for us to shine.



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