Making things grow…

In the Macknade Café we have some rather interesting herbs: pineapple scented sage, strawberry mint and lemon verbena are just a few. To say my fellow colleagues have a bit of a problem keeping them alive is an understatement. After a 2 week vacation I came back to 11 dead plants. I was devastated. 3 days off over a weekend and 9 more were on the verge of extinction – I managed to save all but 2 of them. My love of these herbs has earned me the nickname of Mother Nature.

A few weeks ago, whilst pruning the herbs back a little, I pocketed some trimmings to take home with me. Dead plants? Not in the slightest. I carefully placed my cuttings into a small amount of water and put them on the windowsill for some sunlight. I sat back and let the science happen. Low and behold they’ve started rooting. Who would’ve thunk it? Now instead of planning how I can smuggle a strawberry mint plant out of the café, I’ve begun growing my own. Perfect for water infusions, ice creams and cocktails.


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