Could you eat a reindeer?

Recently, I received an email from my employers in Lapland asking me about my dietary requirements while I’m away. I decided that I simply can’t claim to be a vegetarian if I have every plan to eat reindeer for the entire month of December. So today I took a big step and a giant leap of faith into my vegetarian journey because I have officially committed to being a vegetarian when I return to Lapland. That my friends is an additional 6 weeks of vegetarianism to look forward to.

I was informed that reindeer farming is one of the most ethically farmed meats as reindeer are supposedly allowed to roam free for the majority of their lives despite being owned. Not only this but the entire of the reindeer is put to use, hides, horns and all. It is even rumoured that their souls move on to be spiritual guides for travellers within the arctic region. The Sami’s appear to have got this equilibrium thing down. This didn’t change my mind on not wanting to eat them, but does go to show that it is possible to still eat meat, be more compassionate and even less wasteful with the animals we do farm.

Admittedly however, I did mindlessly pop a marshmallow in my mouth this morning before remembering that they aren’t vegetarian. I spat it back out and I didn’t bite into to it, it only tickled my tongue a little. Maybe it was a vegetarian marshmallow I don’t know but I wasn’t gonna risk it.

I’d like to think my good vegetarian decision outweighs my bad vegetarian mishap but it probably doesn’t. Yet, I’m still persevering with it even though I’m massively bloated and there’s a high chance I’m carrying a vegetable baby. Is it usual to feel like I’ve been impregnated by a broccoli?


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