Roasted Romano Peppers

So I’ve been chowing down on some good ol’ peanut butter sandwiches for lunch recently. They’re quick, easy and vegetarian. But since I’m now trying to do this whole thing properly, I thought…

Let’s get fancy!

So, I bought an “Easy Vegetarian” cookbook, stupidly thinking…

This should be easy!

On my work break I headed into the store: Romano Peppers, Spinach, Goat Log. This vegetarian malarkey is a breeze.

I had the inspiration. I had the ingredients. I probably should have looked at the instructions. But I didn’t, because I know how to roast a pepper and I know how to stuff a pepper, so let’s just wing it.

  • Peppers halved, deseeded, oiled up, seasoned and popped in the oven at about 180ºC.
  • Wilt the spinach, chop some spring onion, make breadcrumbs from toast and mix it all in with the cheese and some pine nuts. I’m onto a winner.
  • Chat with the family.
  • After about 20 mins, check on your peppers.
  • Realise your peppers are now unstuffable. They’re so cooked. They look like pancake peppers. Consider skewering them into a cup shape. Consider making a swiss roll concoction. Consider why someone didn’t mention stuffing the peppers before cooking them. Oh wait. They did. In that cookbook!
  • Resort to chopping them up and chucking them in the mix anyway.

It tastes exactly the same (probably) maybe even nicer than the original (who knows). But, it doesn’t make for a pretty Instagram picture and that was kind of the point of not having a peanut butter sandwich.

I’ve also just realised I’m probably not cut out for these recipe style posts. I didn’t measure my ingredients and I don’t have an end product – they both seem pretty key to a good recipe. I’ll have to try a lot harder next time.


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