Sunday 07

Girls wear a lot of makeup. Today’s makeup techniques are so far advanced I’m surprised anyone really knows what another person looks like. People say it’s an armour, it’s their ability to face the day and conquer it. I don’t understand that. When I put makeup on, I am merely doing it because I think everyone else will be. It’s a societal norm. Since I don’t adhere to most of them, I feel a bit of pressure to fit in with the crowd or else end up looking a bit drab and washed out in the corner. And no-one puts Tilly in the corner.

I’m used to standing out. Forget makeup and think more face paint. I love face paint. It’s magical. It’s creative. It comes in neon. There aren’t any rules for face paint. Stay in the line, don’t stay in the line. Do what you want. I don’t want to be stuck being told this is for your lips or here’s a stencil for the perfect eyebrow. Maybe if we all learnt to break a few rules with our war paint, I wouldn’t be walking into a room of clones feeling the pressure to blend my face into someone else’s.



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