Wednesday 03

I currently work in a café. It’s not a glamorous job and it hasn’t taken me to new and distant lands but I do get to be around a few of the things I love most. Good food and even better coffee. Taking interim jobs between adventures can be a little humdrum for me. Getting in my car however, I realise how much being a barista is like being a child at the beach. Instead of sand in my hair, there’s coffee grain. It’s under my fingernails. It’s in my pockets. There’s a bit stuck underneath the silencer for my phone. I’m pretty sure coffee is splattered all over my tee shirt because it’s sure as hell all over my shoes. No doubt it’s in my ears too. I AM JUST COVERED IN COFFEE. So tomorrow, I’m going in with the mindset of a child at the beach. I’m gonna make some damn beautiful coffee castles. Turn my humdrum into something magical. The musings of a barista. #baristaproblems.


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