Monday 01

August 1st and I feel like blogging. Today opening my computer to write a post is almost as exciting as opening the first window on an advent calendar. August is my second favourite time of year, after Christmas of course, mostly due to the fact that it’s my birth month and nothing quite says fun and frolicking like the summer holidays. Not that I have school to go to any other time of year either, but the excitement of new stationery arriving in Paperchase is imminent.

I have some key life decisions to make this month too, mostly concerning Canada but a little to do with other travel plans and making a decision about returning to Lapland. I feel like I’m putting a lot of pressure on August here. I definitely need to stop procrastinating and decidedly make a choice. Sorry August, I’m making you my deadline.

On top of all the grown upping I will have to do this month, I’m also definitely throwing in fun times, friends and family. I have a new baby nephew, Laith, to fawn and coo over now too. Admittedly, babies have never been my strong point, but I did a whole day in Nursery this past season, I’ve got this…I think!

So, to August, I hope you’re full of adventures and good choices.


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