And so another adventure is coming to a close – I’ve worked my last shift and it’s time to pack up and head down the mountain. I had never really planned on working a winter season, or a season of any sort if I’m entirely honest. There are some real cons to seasonal work, it’s hard work with very little time off and not a lot of monetary compensation, but if you asked me to do it all again, I definitely would.

2016-04-21 10.19.04Some two years ago I tore this picture out of a magazine and if you visited my apartment in Japan you would’ve seen it stuck to my front door. It was a pipeline dream. I thought maybe a holiday idea. Ever since a Groupon voucher took me to the snow dome in Milton Keynes I’ve wanted to be a boarder. I took a mini trip while I was in Japan and had a 2hr private lesson. I played with a board while I was in Lapland too, just for the funzies. On the plane to Geneva, I decided to draw my new years resolution. I wanted to stop leafing and learn to link my turns, I also wanted to master the button lift.IMG_6004.jpg

Confession time. I can’t link like a pro. I can link and I can work a mountain without falling over, but I’m terrified at speed and this is holding me back. I still think button lifts were designed to humiliate me. I am not the master of them. With enough concentration I can do them and I haven’t fallen off in a long time, but I will avoid them at all costs.

Nevertheless I have been attempting to conquer some of my fears. This week I took a run at the airbag and doing a jump. For someone who’s terrified of button lifts just getting to the Snow Park was a feat in itself. Let alone for someone who’s afraid to point their board directly down the mountain actively choosing to point it at a jump. But I did it and I live to tell the tale. I’ve packed in a lot of personal goals this season and even thrown in a few extras along the way. Was it hard work. Yes! Was it worth it? Fo’ sho! Will I come back for more. You bet!


2 thoughts on “Descent

  1. Proud of you! I remember seeing that “Snowboarding in France” article on your door and look now! We’ll have to rendezvous on a mountain top somewhere next winter time! Cheers Misses!


    1. Haha! Thanks B, I’ve come a long way from not being able to get a photo of me standing up 😂 Canada next year, so you won’t have as far to travel!


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