Last week you may remember me telling you that I was going on transfer to a little town called Les Gets. You also may remember me hoping for a transfer to Switzerland…

Well that didn’t happen! But the next best thing did. As I began to research my new placement I discovered that Les Gets is a town on the ring of Portes des Soleil – that lengthy ski/bike tour that encompasses the French/Swiss border. The universe had somehow conspired to give me exactly what I had been asking for.

In my company, on a transfer, we are entitled to one full day ski pass and two half day ski passes for your local area. In Les Gets this unfortunately does not include the whole of the Portes des Soleil region. I set about a little haggling with my new manager and, as luck would have it, I traded my two half day passes for the extended Portes des Soleil full day pass. I think the universe loves me.

Yesterday, on my day off, I set about my goal to snowboard in Switzerland. I first had to board between 3 different French resorts before I made it across the border. It was an incredible feeling, sitting on top of the mountain looking out across the views, eating my pre-packed picnic. It felt like peace. Just me, my board and the sunshine-lit snow. Why haven’t I boarded solo before?

It’s nearly the end of the season, my first ever winter season, and I’ve managed to snowboard in 4 countries: Finland, France, Italy and Switzerland. That’s some pretty good going if I do say so myself. Topping off my excellent season, is knowing that my next winter will most likely be in Canada because…MY VISA WAS APPROVED.

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!

– Maya Angelou



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