La Thuile

It’s done. My main aim this season was to feel confident enough to board to Italy and back. So this week on my day off, I did it. I made it to Italy. This was a conquest of all sorts. The piste to Italy is particularly long, particularly flat and there’s also a rather lengthy button lift. If you’ve been paying attention, I recently found out that button lifts were created to destroy a snowboarders inner thigh and shoulder. For me, double agony because my shoulder muscle isn’t even attached to my bone…

Anyhow, it was done. I conquered that button lift first time. In fact, I’m not sure what I was so worried about. The flats were incredibly tedious but I managed to get through it all pretty smoothly. I even built up enough confidence on the way there to attempt a couple of black runs to make the journey more interesting. Admittedly I was a bit scared but I managed to make a few links on them there black runs and the adrenaline was out of this world.

I made a few heavy falls – as expected. I’m pretty much resolute in my opinion that if I haven’t made a hard crash I’m not trying enough, I’m not pushing myself to be better. No-one wants to be just an ok snowboarder. Sometimes I get ahead of myself. The Italy journey is up there as one of the things I’m probably not ready for. It was mostly red runs the entire way and despite getting there in one piece, the journey back was exhausting. I just don’t have the stamina for it yet. I’ve been aching for days, but it’s a good ache because I still feel triumphant.

Next week I’m on transfer to Les Gets, it’s a quieter resort in terms of childcare but I’m looking forward to boarding on a new mountain. It’s maybe just a little shame it’s not a new country too. Transfer to Switzerland next time? Doubt it.


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