Into the Sunshine

This week has been the best week. I’m finally recovering from flu, getting back out on my board, doing a bit of shopping, generally looking forward to life. I think I’ve been suffering from white-out syndrome and it’s been getting me down. Now the sun is out and I’m feeling alive again.

First, I went out on my board this week. I was nervous. I kinda wanted to put it off. But I braved it. Now I’m linking my turns more often than not, I’m still falling over – a lot – but I’m pushing myself to try some tricks, picking up speed, playing on moguls, and the distance I’m covering is unbelievable. So much improvement in just a week. The adrenaline leaves you feeling giddy. Head on over to my instagram for proof that I can officially call myself a boarder.

On my day off, Bex and I got the bus (pronounced boose) down to Bourg St Maurice to say hi to my friends from back home,Watson and Hannah. These guys are adulting really well, without being adults, when I grow up I want to be just like them. We did a whole load of shopping, I bought a cushion and some strawberry milk, ya know essentials, like a grown up would.

I’ve also been exercising and meditating before bed, which is definitely making for a great night sleep. Sleeping all the way through to my alarm, beats waking up with fever sweats like last week. Just taking the time to do my thing in the evening, regardless of how hard my roommates have been laughing at me, is making me feel less stressed. Yoga everyday, yoga for life.

And finally. I’m also starting to look forward to the summer season, with a trip to Croatia with Mr. Hearn on the cards, a weekend in either Geneva or Amsterdam with Mama Smurf, and the possibility of two stints in Italy for summer camp this year, things can only get better. Now the cherry on top would be to find out about Canada – but I’ve got at least another 2 months until I hear back about that.

I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles – Audrey Hepburn


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