Oh Canada!

It’s finished! Finally!

Last month I decided to apply for a Canadian Visa, an International Experience Canada visa, which allows young individuals the opportunity to work and travel throughout Canada. I thought the whole process would take a really long time. I didn’t even expect to be selected from the pool for at least 3 months. However, I started my initial application at the end of January and within two weeks I’d received a letter confirming I’d been selected to apply for a work permit. I had 10 days to accept my invitation, then a further 20 days to complete my final application. No dilly dallying about for me, I immediately accepted, applied for all the necessary documents and finally completed my work permit application moments ago. Easy breezy, fully completed process taking less than a month. We had a little moment of panic when I was confused about my Japanese Police Certificate, but all it took was a little tweeting, to get the answers I needed (props to Mama Smurf for suggesting Twitter). Now I just have to wait for them to review my documents, which can take up to 8 weeks. Fingers crossed we get the news quickly.


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