Run Down

Recently I’ve been feeling a little stressed – more so than usual. Obviously I’m in a new location, learning a new job and that is stressful enough. However, a few weeks ago, Canada accepted me as a candidate for a work visa. Woohoo! But also, not so woohoo! I’m currently in the middle of the mountains and I’m unable to get the required documentation. Stress, stress and more stress. 

I’ve mostly spent the last week fretting over whether I need to travel to Lyon and if so exactly how on Earth I’ll manage to get there. Alas, today was the day I was meant to go and finally at 3am I get the answer that I don’t need to. Amazing news. I can sleep well now. Then I awake in the morning with the dirtiest rotten cold ever. All this stressing has truly run me down. I need a good rest.

The weather has different plans for me though. It’s my day off. I have nowhere to be. I’m free as a bird and the weather is stunning. But I’m sick. Still, I manage to crawl out of bed and get out on the slopes for the afternoon. Honestly, it’s made me feel a whole lot better. Turns out getting a few runs in can be a cure all. I even made some good progress on my link turns. Straight up, I’ll be carving these slopes  up before you know it. 


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