The Magic Forest

Today was my first day off, officially! I know, I know, I hardly look like I’ve been doing any work. But I have. Honest.

Yesterday I tried to get my snow legs and was feeling pretty confident about attempting the magic forest. But first I had to master the dreaded button lift. I swear that thing was designed to destroy boarders. First two times I stumbled but managed to stay on my feet, it was a little humiliating but I mangaged to ride it to the top. Go me! Then I didn’t successfully swerve another boarder who’d crashed out and I ended up doing exactly the same. My confidence waned and my body was exhausted. I only managed it half way on my last attempt.

Anyhow, the day was still great and the views from the forest were amazing. Got to chill out in the sunshine at the bar for lunch and even picked up some speed on the slopes. A magical day all round… bar those buttons.


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