Not another Diet

The problem most of us have when it comes to a healthy relationship with food, is admitting that the relationship we currently have is toxic. If like me you’ve battled with diets and exercise regimes since you were a pre-teen you have to accept that you probably have an eating disorder, mild/extreme, whatever it is, it’s not good for your body. I am just coming to accept this.

Let’s put the low carb cook book down, step away from the spin class and look at yourself in the mirror. You are beautiful. Those wobbly bits, stunning. That bony bit, perfect. You are as you are meant to be. Sure, you wanna get fit, you wanna get healthy, that doesn’t mean you have to change. You probably will, but being thinner, being different, skimming off half a limb is not going to make you love yourself more – and that’s the goal after all.

I recently read an article that basically meant my entire life (that’s how long I’ve been on a diet) has been spent boring people senseless talking about calories and exercise regimes. Shit it. I give up. Imma be over here doing me, trying desperately hard not to be roped in to another conversation about how I can survive an entire day on a half a peanut butter sandwich.

The shameful truth is that last year I was diagnosed with a rotary cuff sprain in my left shoulder and even that didn’t stop me from working myself for 5hrs at the gym 6 days a week. That’s why I’m here now, a year later with a hole between my muscle and bone, preventing me from climbing Kilimanjaro for another year at least. There was me thinking I’d conquered my toxic food relationship, only to be replacing it with another bad boy.

So I’m trying this thing, it’s called not being on a diet – ’cause there’s a first time for everything right. Healthier eating patterns. No diet. Just bitch, eat some fruit and get some nutrients in your body once in a while. Don’t eat that 8th helping of cake. No extreme exercise goals. Heck, just move yo ass out of bed from time to time. Go for a walk. Be good to you. You get one body, don’t break it. Love yourself and more importantly try to love others too. We’ve all got our own toxic relationships to work on.


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