Farewell Fujisan

The day has finally come, today I leave Japan. Despite, looking forward to this day for the last 2 months I am now realising what this truly means. The place I called home for the last 18 months will become but a distant memory and my new family will be very far away. This makes me very sad. But, as with all endings there are new beginnings and without a doubt I am in need of a fresh start – that in no way makes this farewell any easier.

Japan has become my older brother – like someone you love to pieces but fight with regularly. I sort of love to hate Japan. We’ve had our highs and our lows, we made it through the heartbreaks and disappointments but we conquered the mountain and we found beauty everywhere, mostly in people. Realising that even as a solo traveller, that you’re never truly isolated is a wonderful discovery, especially when you decide to continue the journey alone. So here I stand, taller than usual with some amazing memories and some lifelong friendships to boot saying – sayonara Japan, it’s been…erm, something!


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