Does my vote count?

Politics is a dirty word. Let’s face it, no-one worth talking to really wants to say anything on the matter. If it’s not the privileged elite talking nonsense about mansion tax, it’s the ill-educated rallying behind facist ideals. But why? What happened to politics?

I am one of many, over educated, under privileged 20-somethings. We were raised on the Labour ideal that education should be available to everyone, no matter their background, and the notion that we can make something of ourselves.

The truth is we can’t.

We were fed dreams and those dreams were hastily snatched away from us. The truth being there aren’t nearly enough jobs for us well-educated, unconnected, ordinary folk. We were more unfortunate that in 2008, the year before I was due to leave University, that there was a major economic downturn in the UK making the job market even tighter and harder for my generation. The government would have us believe this problem had nothing to do with them. “Blame the bankers”, “Blame America” just don’t blame the guys who were entrusted to have our backs.

In 2009, the MPs greed was outed when the expenses scandal first broke. If you were not of my generation, you may not have already felt the disillusionment of a politicians promise. But this scandal could leave the people with no doubt that the job of a politician was to look after themselves. Yes, people were fired or were forced to resign. Hell, some were even made to pay back the money. But this was few and far between. They made the worst offenders scape goats and the rest skulked away in to the shadows.

The general election rolled round the year after, and it proved that without a doubt people didn’t trust politicians. The 2010 election resulted in a hung parliament and a Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition was formed. You wouldn’t notice it today, since nearly everything the Lib Dem’s once stood for has been lost to Tory policy. I voted for the Lib Dem’s and I felt like my vote counted but now I find myself questioning – Nick Clegg who? Oh, more disillusionment, I’m getting pretty used to this now.

I can’t be alone in thinking that I’ve been let down by our government. I look at politicians and I wonder what am I really voting for. More lies. More corruption. As far as I can see, manifestos appear more like an online dating profile with some photoshopped images attached. They give you a little insight into what these parties are about but in reality no-one’s gonna tell you that after 6 months of dating they’re gonna fold on their major policies and give themselves a massive bonus in the process.

Although I won’t get behind Russell Brand’s don’t vote appeal, I do understand where the guy is coming from. I genuinely feel politics is a pretence. When the turn out for a debate on politicians expenses and pay is greater than that for welfare reforms or minimum wage, you are justified in asking…who the heck do these MPs think they are and are they really worth voting for?

Once again it’s coming round to election time and I find myself sitting back and reading online forums and discussions with a look of disgust. The mindless drawl that has taken over my Facebook feed since UKIP started it’s attack on immigration has left my mind reeling with contempt for the ill-educated fools who are consuming the words of politicians so readily. I’m not pointing fingers and I won’t call UKIP a racist or fascist party, but unfortunately what they stand for and the way they are presenting their policies is provoking an upsurge of ridiculous comments among those looking for an easy scape goat. I thought we were better than that.

For those, easily led and a little narrow minded, I don’t think open door immigration is a bad thing. Immigration is not a problem. The UK is not overcrowded. This is a mask the government are hiding the rest of their terrible policies behind. The system that operates our country is fundamentally flawed and needs fixing. But that involves us cracking down on (and dare I say it) the British people abusing the system already. We need look no further than those making a career out of benefits or the rich dodging taxes to see the greed of humanity. Is it any wonder other humans want to take advantage of this broken system too?

It is this very greed that sees politicians doing what they can for themselves, for their careers. Not for us. Not for our nation. The MPs appear to be no better than the people they are attempting to scape goat in the first place. We as a nation need to stop being so easily fooled by the stiffs in suits and the media and open our eyes to the fact that there really isn’t anyone worth voting for.

But what can we do? How do we make our voices heard? We either can’t or we don’t. So we sit here. Silently scrolling through our feeds, wanting change, but slowly residing ourselves to the fact that change is just another dream that will be snatched away. I have a vote but is it worth using?


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