The word treasure can mean so much to so many, I have a whole box of treasures, a box of memories. Ok! That’s a lie. I have a few boxes of memories because I can’t seem to keep it all contained in one. I treasure all my memories, every little ticket stub, map or image is precious to me. These treasures are not easy to capture as a single story. But there are two treasures in my life which express me as a person, from everything I was, to everything I am. They are, the necklace my father bought me when I was 10 years old for passing my 11+, and the laptop I bought myself when I quit my job to pursue my dreams.

My clown necklace, despite it’s humble origins, symbolises where I came from, the friends who shaped me and the family I will continually strive to impress. Without the support from them, I wouldn’t have had the courage to chase my dreams. From the 10 year old who cried because she didn’t think she could pass a test, to the woman who moved to Japan on her own, my necklace reminds me I can do it and to never give up.

My Macbook Pro doesn’t have quite the same sentiment, but it truly is my life. From writing this blog, to editing pictures, from watching films, to researching new adventures and most importantly connecting with loved ones. My Macbook allows me to pursue my passions – heck, it even inspires them. The world would be a more daunting and scarier place without it, plus it look super chic in it’s Marc Jacobs case.


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