I racked my brain trying to find lights to manipulate for this assignment, but I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t for a lack of trying but every time I altered an image it lost it’s mystery for me. Soon I realised my albums have a definite style, the natural beauty in moments.

I suppose it’s true for all my subjects, as soon as a person knows they are being snapped, their face changes it is no longer the beautiful moment I was trying to capture. It becomes false. It’s the same when I try to manipulate light or composition, the moment I’m trying to record is lost.

Instead however, I left my comfort zone. If I couldn’t manipulate the light around me, I wanted to manipulate the light into my camera, so I played in manual mode (a mode rarely used on my camera). Yes, I’ll play with shutter priority. Yes, I’ll play with aperture priority. But both at once terrifies me. Lucky for me I have a very understanding boyfriend who sat with me on a bench in Ueno Park until I managed to capture something I was happy with. Something I felt encapsulated mystery.


5 thoughts on “Mystery

  1. Nice photo, but I wonder does it really have so much to do with the ‘manipulation’ of light? Doesn’t the natural play of light sometimes seem mysterious? I was thinking more along the lines of subject matter before I looked at some of the posts for the challenge. I’m glad to see so many different interpretations on this one. 🙂

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