For a long time now I’ve been playing with the idea of getting a few new gadgets for my camera – there are simply some effects I just can’t get without the proper equipment. A tripod I think, a macro lens I think, a telephoto lens I think, a timer switch I think, maybe some filters I think. The list is truly endless. Until I found this picture, which gave me some inspiration to get out there and be creative with my lack of equipment instead of longing for equipment I can’t even afford. If a close-up photo like that can be captured using a mere camera-phone, what’s the use in spending a fortune on a plethora of gadgets?

So taking some inspiration on attempting some close-up imagery without a macro lens here is a little warmth.

With thanks to Confessions of an Anxious Girl for providing some inspiration. Please take the time to visit the rest of her amazing blog.

2 thoughts on “Warmth

  1. I’ve seen some AMAZING photos taken with a cel phone. They even have special lenses you can put on your phone (and they’re pretty cheap).
    Good shot of the embers, I bet it was pretty hard to get a really close up shot. 😉

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