This has so far been the most challenging Photo 101 assignment. Mostly because ever since I worked for an ISP the word connect doesn’t give me a fuzzy warm feeling inside. For others it conjures up feelings of love and attachment, for me it is wireless access points, fibre cables and firewalls. It is cold, calculating and callous. In fact if I could’ve gained access to a communications cabinet, or better yet a data centre, I would’ve shown it to you in all it’s glory. Alas, my connectivity is not what it used to be. So I had to get creative to show you a solid and factual connection. And here it is. A bridge. In fact, two bridges.


2 thoughts on “Connect

  1. awesome picture!
    I’m not that great at taking architectural photos myself. The critique in me tells me with this picture, the subject is mostly focused on the first bridge. Particularly with the black and white, the 2nd bridge is quite hidden at first glance. A personal preference for me; when there’s water in landscape, It’s nice to have the reflection as well! Nevertheless, the inclusion of the walkway starting and disappearing into the horizon, both shores of the bridge gives a good depth to the shot 🙂

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