Mevember – hitting refresh

October was a pretty dismal month for me – it sapped me of confidence and it left me feeling like a caged animal. When life throws you this sort of month you have to sit and wonder what sort of crap you did to deserve this. The truth is. Bad shit happens to good people all of the time. When it does, you have two choices – pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again or wallow in misery, crawl into a hole, and give up.

Something I have realised in my long history of shit being thrown at me is that even if you wallow and give up, eventually you have to get up and start again. Sod it. Let’s just skip the wallowing part and get on with the bit that actually helps. Starting again. Pressing refresh. Turning it off and turning it back on again.

So I decided November was going to be my reset button. I’m calling it Mevember. I started by getting a completely overpriced but totally necessary haircut that I’ve been putting off for months – nothing says refresh like a new look.

Then I took on the Blog 101 and Photo 101 challenges. I’ve been blogging on and off for a couple of years now and my blog has cycled through many styles. Many themes. But it always comes down to; if I’m happy, I blog. Refreshing my blog is almost like pushing the reset button for myself.

I came into the 101 challenges with a closed mind but I had forgotten how at home and easy the blogosphere makes me feel. I’m really enjoying getting into the community aspect of blogging and I love how much confidence I get from helping others with their blogs as well as getting feedback on my own. Finally completing ideas, getting inspiration for new ones. I feel productive and all of a sudden, I feel less trapped.

So this week on top of work and blogging I completed some other miscellaneous tasks. I ordered Internet and a new Japanese bank account. I replaced my missing bank card. I spring cleaned my apartment. I purchased flights home for Christmas. Heck, I did laundry before I ran out of underwear. I’m pretty much ruling the world right now. Blogging is excellent therapy.


4 thoughts on “Mevember – hitting refresh

  1. Wow! Good on you! Whenever I feel like I need a change, let it be hair style/colour, clothes etc, I’m too afraid to do so. I don’t really know why, but i never manage to do it. Maybe it’s the idea at the back of my mind that even though I changed my appearance, my inner self will still be the same old, failure me. Changing how i look doesn’t change the things that happened or make me a different person, so why bother. The happiness/satisfaction will only last couple of days max and after that I won’t even care anyway.


    1. I think the haircut was more symbolic of my want to change my mindset. If you want something bad enough and you seek the change to make it happen you’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve. Don’t be afraid of failure, some of my best accidents and screw ups turned out to be great beginnings 🙂


  2. Good work! Blogging really is a refreshing experience, isn’t it? This is my first time and I’m loving it. I think wallowing has its place when things really suck but you’re absolutely right – sod it and skip it! X

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  3. Totally agree on this, I’m very much in favour of the “dust yourself off and start again” approach. It’s quite liberating and I think its entirely necessary when either things happen you didn’t foresee or also when things have remained the same for too long.


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