Bliss is waking up with the balcony door open listening to the sounds of Waikiki beach.

Hawaii itself is completely blissful and choosing a photograph for this assignment was particularly difficult. Was bliss the moment I spotted the golden beaches and turquoise sea from the airplane? Was it walking through immaculate woods to swim in a lagoon and bathe under a waterfall? Was it climbing Diamond Head and viewing the ever changing landscape? Was it the exhilaration from skydiving in such beautiful scenery? Was it lazing on the beach and swimming in the sea without a care in the world? For me the moment that sticks in my mind was waking up just knowing these adventures were waiting for me. Feeling completely at ease with the world. Waking up in paradise is bliss. Travelling is bliss.

Where in the world do you feel most at bliss? Do you have  any recommendations for the next time I visit Hawaii?


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