Happy Plate #4: Fashion

Still continuing my theme, another thing that makes me smile is fashion. It’s not so much that I like wearing fashion, because I a) don’t have the money for it and b) prefer to be comfortable over looking fabulous. I do love looking at it though. So, this week I decided to throw on anything pastel I could find and attend the Harajuku Fashion Street Walk to see what was going on in the fashion heart of Tokyo.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful, bizarre bonanza that had me clicking away on my camera in awe of the Tokyoites outlandish style. My attempt at Tokyo come London styling was (needless to say) understated in comparison. If anything, the event has made me want to be more adventurous with my style. I’ve clearly been playing it to0 safe ALL my life. The guys and girls were completely fearless, not with just their style, but their attitudes too. I definitely want a piece of that confidence in my life. I might not be ready for the world of Lolita Fashion, but I could sure as hell try brushing my hair more often.

No day is complete without eating some delicious food either. So I hot footed it over to Noa Cafe, for some Waffles pre walk and en route grabbed some matcha ice-cream at Ben and Jerry’s – the matcha flavour is limited to Japan so I had to try it whilst I was here. Damn it was good. Ben and Jerry’s is always good. I’ll definitely be spending more weekends in Harajuku, for both the shopping and the food.


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