Happy Plate #2: Photography

Still on the topic of happy plates, the next plate to get spinning is the photography plate. Now I use the word photography very loosely…I am still a complete newbie when it comes to using all my camera settings but I thought I should at least get some practice in. Promptly queue my memory card being full of completely worthless pictures as I screw up about 99% of the photos I take.

Anywho, the “photography day” began at the Yanaka Reien and the surrounding temples. The cemetery was relatively peaceful (bar some ominous crows) and the quiet temples provided enough time for me to figure out a few of the buttons on my camera again. But then we hit Ueno Park to capture the beauty of the Sakura. And, as it turns out the place was overflowing with people celebrating the cherry blossoms. The weather changed rapidly from sunny to rainy, to cloudy, to sunny again and it was so crowded it was almost impossible to stand still. I gave in and reverted back to my lazy automatic and tried to focus more on composition with the hope I could work some editing magic later.

Photography plate is only at half spin…I’ll hopefully find a more peaceful location this weekend. I’ve promised myself a tripod if I manage to capture something in manual that I don’t feel the need to edit.


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