Happy Plate #1: Food

Happiness was recently described to me as a plate spinning exercise and I realised how much I had stopped spinning my happy plates. So this week I’ve been attempting to get a few of those plates going again. The easiest happy plate to get started also happens to be an actual plate of food. I love food, I love cooking, I love trying new things. So, with the cherry blossoms out in Japan I thought what better way to kick start my happy plate than to treat myself to a cherry blossom themed lunch.

Arriving at the Ease Cafe in the Marunouchi Building, I was greeted by the beautiful cherry blossom plants surrounding a small dining area and some rather delicious looking menus (to my relief there were pictures, so ordering was a breeze). I decided to opt for the sandwich of the day to begin with and a side of cherry blossom sparkling wine. Nom nom! The wine was shockingly sweet, but paired well with the salmon filling. Maybe I should’ve opted for the cherry blossom fish set instead but it didn’t sound appetising at the time – silly Tilly playing it safe.

For dessert, I ordered the Sakura chiffon cake, with salted cherry blossoms and cherry blossom ice cream, with a side of hot Sakura milk – which is like a hot chocolate but with… you guessed it… cherry blossom. Nom nom! My food plate is certainly spinning with happiness now.


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